· One stop job shop sets
     industry-wide standards
   · In business since 1991
   · Serving industries such as:

      - Automotive
      - Off-Highway/ Heavy Equipment
      - Appliance
      - Motorcycle


Since 1991, Decoating has strived to serve our industry with high quality, cost effective and environmentally sound methods of metal preparation. We have grown and adapted to the demands of our customers with a reputation of great
service in the midst of an ever-changing market. Some of our current customers
include job shop and in-house coating and plating operations, fastener
manufacturers and finishers, foundries, off-highway equipment companies,
appliance makers, and motorcycle parts producers.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has set the bar for industry-wide standards. Decoating is currently one of the only job shops across the country to use a molten salt casting cleaning process. The multiple dip application allows for coatings removal on extra long parts. And most importantly, our promise to be a one-stop job shop ensures convenience and trust in every Decoating customer.

Decoating was formed and is managed by people with more than 75 years
of coatings industry experience. We understand the market and welcome the opportunity to meet its requirements for success.
Please browse our website and Contact Us to discuss how we can meet your
metal preparation needs.